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How long will we be on the water?
You should allow the full day for our Mitta Mitta River experience. We will need to give you information to keep you safe, teach you how to paddle and get you to and from the river. We usually spend around 4-5 hours on the river, but that includes a relaxing riverside lunch where you can stop and re-fuel the power cells.
Won’t I get cold?
While the best time to go rafting may be in winter and early spring, we very rarely have people tell us they get cold. The Mitta Mitta River is located in an area that is often sheltered from bad weather. We have had days when it is 10degrees warmer on the river than at the base. If you are still worried about being cold, we supply you with all the gear you need to stay warm and cozy.
Does the raft ever flip over?
Our guides are either trained by us or are referred to us by trusted colleagues to ensure we get confident, competent and compassionate guides. We encourage our staff to keep our clients above water and discourage flipping boats on purpose. There is always the risk that a raft may flip, in which case our guides are trained to keep you safe and get the boat the right way up.
Will I get hurt?
Rafting is a physical activity and there is always potential for something to go wrong but we have your safety as our foremost concern. We provide you with all the safety gear you will require for the day as well as giving you a comprehensive safety presentation. In over 30 years of commercial guiding, we are proud to say we have had no major injuries on the river.
What class are the Rapids?
The main section of the Mitta Mitta River ranges from grade 2 rapids through to grade 4 rapids.
When is the best time to come?
The main section of the Mitta Mitta River is un-regulated, meaning it is above a dam and therefore subject to seasonal changes. The river height and condition can vary week to week but generally the best time of year to come is late winter (July/August) to Late Spring (November)
Do I go naked under the wetsuit?
Nope! – Please bring some undies or bathers to wear beneath the wetsuits. What you do afterwards is completely up to you.
I’m allergic to the world, can you cater for me?
Yes – please let us know before you come on the trip. We operate in an area where it can be difficult to get specific dietary friendly food at short notice so please give us a heads up. If you want to bring your own food, that is fine too. We are now coeliac friendly and have been educated by one of our guides who are Coeliac. He is strict about food prep and hasn’t been poisoned yet, the key is communication.
How many people will fit in a raft?
We have a limit of 6 customers per raft. If you have a group of friends that you want to keep together, please let us know, we may have to bring two rafts to accommodate you all. Remember, guides don’t count (but we still love them).
How do your guides make their money?
Our guides keep us afloat (pun totally intended) we pay our guides a wage for their day’s work. Unlike markets overseas, our guides don’t expect tips but if you’ve had a really amazing time and think they deserve a little something extra, feel free to offer, (especially beer).
Can I bring my camera with me?
Our general rule of thumb is, “If it can’t swim, don’t bring it.” If you have a waterproof camera or GoPro, you can bring it with you but it’s your responsibility. Bring your own GoPro mounts, we don’t carry them.
What about my Glasses
If you need them to see (which we figure you probably do if you’re asking this question) bring a glasses strap with you. If you forget we may have to tie them to your head.
These FAQs haven’t addressed my concerns!
Call us. Please. We love what we do because we get to talk to people. If you have any other questions or concerns that you want answered call 0260771164